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Georgioupolis Suites


Fair Trade

Sustainable tourism promotes the respect towards the natural environment and ensures that local communities obtain their fair share of economic and social benefits from the tourism activity.And therefore in Georgioupolis Suites we are committed to take the necessary actions for the progressive reduction of the environmental impact generated by our activities as well as to enhance the advancement of the local society. In this sense we have adopted this philosophy and actively apply its principles through enhanced sustainability actions, some of which refer to:

  • Implementing an organic waste-water treatment process.
  • The use of bleach free cleaning products.
  • Implementation of a Recycle Policy.
  • Clean Ocean Project.
  • The Use of Solar Energy.
  • We apply energy consumption control procedures.
  • We promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • We buy locally produced goods.
  • We invest and expand locally.
  • We provide stable employment opportunities for local working staff.
  • We share economic benefits with the local community.

Furthermore, via targeted actions we participate to fund rising community actions and we offer the opportunity to the local society to receive part of the economic growth generated by the tourism activity through stable round the year employment.

In order to ensure the implementation and maintenance of a management system that assures the compliance with the aforementioned sustainability objectives set by Georgioupolis Suites in accordance with our commitment, we apply Total Quality Management procedures led by the idea of efficient ecofriendly business techniques and tangible results for our guests, for the environment of Crete as well as for the local society.

In this context, your contribution and your help through little actions can make a big difference overall. Please find below some ideas and recommendations which our nature as well as the local society will mostly appreciate:

  • Buy locally produced goods.
  • Prefer local made handcrafts and souvenirs.
  • Verify that planned excursions involve local suppliers.
  • Instead of taking a bath have a quick, refreshing shower.
  • Reuse bath/pool or beach towels instead of changing them every day.
  • Turn off the heating or A/C when leaving the room.
  • Turn off the lights when you leave your bungalow.
  • Do not leave TV on stand-by.
  • Use ecologic bags instead plastic bags.
  • Minimise plastic use/consumption (ie. buy large bottles of water 2ltr/5ltr).
  • Don’t buy products made from wild plants or endangered animals.
  • Use public transport, cycle or walk to reach your destination when possible.
  • Help us with our solidary cause to collect “plastic caps for a new life”.
  • Rationalise the use energy and the water consumption during your vacations.

For any clarification of for additional information about our activities with regards to our Sustainability Policy,

please, do not hesitate to contact us.